When we kicked off Bony Mountain in 2011- it was a gamble-did not know who would come? how many? but I need not have worried-you have all been wonderful- and so dedicated, to what we do here at the Mountain. My one big regret was not trying to get Slim-to come a few years back! He would have loved it- all his life he has sung about the bush! toured through the bush- the outback- and got right into the heart & soul of this country with his songs. Where better to see him perform- But alas- it was not to be- and so here at Bony Mountain we salute him-remember him- be sure to register for the (Slim Dusty Tribute) -Saturday -2 pm- we invite artists to perform any song that Slim has recorded! So we don't double up-please put your name down!  call- 0493 079 039   

Luv Norma xxx   SLIM & I WINNING IN 2001 - Paddy William. 

Bony Mountain is in the bush- I know Slim would have loved our setup here! and I feel sad he never lived long enough to perform here! But every year we pay tribute to the man & his music!