FESTIVAL -2018- AND 2019- and 2021 - PROUDLY SUPPORTED BY SOUTHERN DOWNS REGIONAL COUNCIL. But over the last eleven years-so many supporters-Volunteers-Helpers-Campers-people who believed in our Festival- who had faith in our project-and most importantly shared the vision. Sharing the vision- way back in 2011- Supporters- Rainbow FM- back then were our greatest supporters- but many others have helped- with in kind support- by lending Buggies-Quad Bikes- I approached Southern Downs Regional Council -to obtain permission to hold the event- then met with representative- Anne Doherty- who gave me some of the best advice ever. And looking back now -it is this advice & support- from our local Council Members-Councilors who attended the Festival over the years that has been so crucial. Often officiating one year-  our local Member of Parliament Lawrence Springborg also attended (pictured) - this support has been ongoing during the whole eleven years! Of course our volunteers play a huge role- their belief in our Festival- their continued dedication is another reason we have survived . In the middle of Droughts- Floods- and some very difficult years- even a mini Tornado- when we were basically wiped out. Broken trees- debri everywhere- only about two weeks out from our Festival- and a scene of total chaos- our SDRC came to our rescue -sent a mop up team-with Chain Saws- trucks- Machines- and a complete crew- we were able to go ahead with our event. The place looked a bit ragged- I guess- but nevertheless our wonderful crowds still flocked in- sypathised- took photos- signed our (Tornado Tank) and so we soldiered on- as we do- come rain ,hail, or shine! . Nearly every Business in Warwick has supported us at some stage- it makes me personally feel very satisfied that I have achieved what I originally set out to do- creating a Community event to bring the entire Community together and make a special event that we can all be proud of. I believe I have done this & it is critical to small regional areas-to be united & stand together so we all stay strong during these hard ecenomic times! SDRC s generous support enabled us to run a TV/Media campaign which really boosted our local crowd last time . Several Community Groups are very involved every year & benifit from our crowd with Catering -(CWA) and Raffles (Blush Foundation) and an Auction conducted by  Shane Webke ( our VIP Special Guest) Shane supports this Auction/fundraiser every year- we are supported Young Care again for 2019.  In 2018 we became an Incorporated body- (Not For Profit) so we are fighting hard to get Funding and support to enable us to grow & survive in tough times. After several years of drought- the Covid -we have been through the mill. We thank all of our wonderful locals who support us- Warwick Pipe Thistle Band- Wheatvale School Choir- Warwick Choral Society- local Ultra Golden CM Club- Warwick & District - and many local artists & Performers! SDRC team are so supportive & believe in our Bony Mountain event- events Officer Jonno- is dedicated and very supportive this is what keeps us going!   STAY STRONG & SURVIVE!


  • Little Squirt- Pratten Fire Brigade Mascot.

    Three local Fire Brigades attend every year & meet & greet our crowds- usually talk to our Visitors on fire safety etc.

  • Our magic nights-

    Our crowds come from all over Australia from NZ and Tasmania- we get wonderful feedback- great comments - and people keep coming back year after year !

  • OUR PATRON Graham Buchner

    A special (Legend Award) for our special Supporter-local bloke-Graham Buchner. He supplies us with Events Vans- Water- Water Trailer- our Big Green Room van- and has never wavered with his support. Last year he loaned us his mighty mower- the Kaboda-which I love driving-it gets over so much ground!

  • Warwick Pipe Thistle Band

    Since our first year-local Pipe Band have supported us- and from a small band of players & pipers- they are now a large group of world class Members,of all ages. We are very grateful for their performances every year- the March in- is a highlight.

  • Cape Byron Celtic Dancers

    Cape Byron Celtic Dancers have also supported our Festival since the beginning. We treasure each and every performance from this world class Dance group.

  • Our Handpainted original Backdrop

    Our own Internationally accredited artist- Lynne Pickering- honoured us by creating this magnificent Stage Backdrop- in 2018. We are forever grateful !


    Our sponsor board listing all our early sponsors- Warwick Tourism & Events -is listed here- which was Southern Downs Regional Council under another title . Tracey Vellocott attended on several occasions & addressed the crowd on the councils role. and our considerable contribution toward Warwick Business houses.

  • Representing local council-Mayor Peter Blundell

    Talking about the importance of Community Events such as ours- in Promoting the Southern Downs -bringing Visitors into our town & our region.

  • Rainbow FM Community Radio Station.

    Our first event was sponsored by Rainbowfm- and without their support-we would not have got off the ground. Our first event in 2011 was our first real milestone! would people come? well come they did-and they keep coming back !

  • Councillor Ross Bartlett.

    Several Councillors have attended over the years- and all been visibly impressed with our event and our organisation. Ross is currently DEputy Mayor-great to have him back on the team!

  • Our patrons enjoy the Corporate tents.

  • TOYOTA are proud sponsors & we promote them every year!

  • Our crowds love the bush setting.


29.08.2019 04:28

Norma O'Hara Murphy

Tracy Dobie our current Mayor is hoping to join us on Sat-our family day! we are grateful for their support for 2019 Cheers Norma xxx