We caught up with some of our Bony Mountain Festival family-they popped up everywhere on the tour! Great to see them and fantastic to meet new friend's, see old mates, made lot's of new ones, ate some great food ! saw some good country, and some very dry country!  Some snaps here from the tour , and looking forward to seeing you all in September. Brought lot's of cuttings home , pressies for the Grand babies! pressies for the family, you find some real treasures on the road no doubt. Everyone was snapping up copies of (Solid Gold) and it was a thrill to bring the songs alive to all the crowds & the fans! But we were pretty much exhausted when we got home !   I don't leave anything out I give it all, on the road. We were doing 2 hour shows at every gig, and people were still wanting more at the end of the night? after all these years ,I guess I must be doing something right. But I must admit it totally drained me by the end of the tour mostly because it was soo hot! but a wonderful trip!

This was at Biloela night signing albums!

Mothers day in Mackay

A wonderful way to spend Mums day, with a heap of other Mums & Grandmas, (I'm one of those too) it was certainly a special day for us all. With one Mum coming all the way from Roma to see me ,how good is that! she had never seen me live! I told her family to try to bring her down to Bony Mountain!

(Some of our supporters Mackay CMC Members and local Radio folk! )

This was a bit of a sad day for me really as Slim Jones passed away around that time & I remembered his peformance on my previous trip to Mackay! what a classic he was! a real fairdinkum old fashioned cowboy/performer, and a real loss for us all.


It was great to catch up with Wayne Shearman & Scott Lamond at ABC Bundaberg! Vi Rackermann joined us ,we stayed with Vi at her home! Tom & I did a (live) version of my brand new song Legend of Dan Kelly. Actually not recorded on an album yet! but Wayne has a copy! A tale I was told recently, in regard to Dan & Steve Hart escaping the Glenrowan siege by hiding in the cellar! an amazing tale ,which funnily enough most people up that way have heard the story? It will be released on my (volume three) Celtic Connection due for release when we get it done!  Wayne & I go way back, the ABC Radio mates who have all suported me for so many years!  I've always felt a special connection to the ABC & the great people who are so dedicated specially those in the outback & north Qld. ?

Some of our Biloela crowd, 16 yrs since my last visit.

We enjoyed Monto too!

What a great bunch at Monto and a local Nurse Lorraine and her son Cameron helped with everything, Lorraine very ably manned the door/sales and really was a gem! The club made us so welcome and it was terrific we got a good crowd!

Here we are with Hec at the bar- Lorraine/Cameron and part of the local crowd!

Burdekin & Sweetfm.

Loved catching up with Merle & Jim from SWEETFM in Burdekin. Top pair these two they are so dedicated to their community radio . Showed us through and I did some promo's for Merle! WE spent two nights at the Burdekin Hotel and that was pretty much fun as well! but these two treasures really are treasures, they are so dedicated .

Here we are having breaky with Merle & Jim at the Coffee Shop in Ayr, Tom was there somwhere! .