05.07.2021 22:24

Heather Macphail

Glad the festival is up and running again Norma. It's always a great one, beautiful area to camp and fabulous entertainment !!

01.03.2020 23:07

Kathleen Hungerford Tomkins

Hey cuz,enjoying the music in your morning oxox Love to everyone.

30.01.2020 22:52

Phillip Barnett

Hi I love listening to your internet radio station. I was wondering when the program information is going to be updated on this website. Thanks Phil.

15.01.2020 20:44

Love Norma

06.09.2019 03:11

Norma O'Hara Murphy

Hey lovin'Donnies show! goodonya mate ! Luv Norma & Phil xxx

26.06.2019 01:29

Janet Turner

Loving this! great show- hope to see you at Festival ! Love Janet & Tim Turner

18.06.2019 08:40


Great show regards Jammo

21.05.2019 07:16

John and Marg

enjoying the music tuning in coming through loud and clear Love Margerat

29.04.2019 10:53


Will be listening when we can ;)

09.04.2019 01:22

Glenda and Ian Kempsey

loving the radio-keep it coming Glenda and Ian- Kempsey NSW

27.03.2019 01:12

Mike Daly

Listening in Kempsey

27.03.2019 00:28

Dianne Lindsay

Thanks for promoting our Australian Bush Ballad Show. Great online station

23.03.2019 08:44

Phil Godfrey

Sounds good Norma, listening here in NZ. Good choice of music too. Long time since we last met in Armidale. Keep it going. Cheers, Phil

20.03.2019 03:27


Here is the weather forecast from Morningside ...
"I've just been up the mango tree, and it's pissin down with rain. And that's the end of the weather forcast"

14.03.2019 09:32

Keith Ross Jamieson

Sounds good Norma loud and clear as a bell congrats. Jammo

13.03.2019 21:00

Norma O'Hara Murphy

Coming in loud & clear! well done team-Luv Norma xxx

12.03.2019 03:42

Kay Gray

Hello Norma,
Listened in yesterday to your show, sounded great. Lovely to hear good country music.

10.03.2019 05:17

Ian Crombie

Hi Norma Glad you have got it up and running sounds great

08.03.2019 00:03

Gary from Murray Bridge SA