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Thank you for your messages since we started this- appreciate any feedback- love to hear your suggestions- and we are excited to be able to bring your music to our listeners all over the world! Some of our listeners- who sent messages -

JOHN DOWLING- COUNTY CARLOW- thanks John & welcome aboard! big welcome to Kathleen & Neil-Joanna & Gordie Scotland! several listeners in USA-enjoying our Aussie content! 

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JOHN & PAT from KIllarney 

Kathleen Thomkins - Ireland 

Gina & Jack from Lightning Ridge-  September -keep up the good work!

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NORMA & SLIM - IN TAMWORTH! -Slim's music  is a favourite on Bony Mountain Radio. 


We have an overload of talent in this Country-but so many artists get no Airplay- get very little exposure-our Country still has a cringe factor in regard to our grass roots Bush Ballads-and most artists unless they can afford to tour-never really get the exposure- on mainstream. We do boast a few Gold Guitar winners (regular artists) on the Festival-and on Bony Mountain Radio- guess I am one of those- But outside that Tamworth bubble- quite a few artists have carved out their own niche!  Eight Ball has done very well with exposure-in the mainstream -but a lot of Bands/Artists are not prepared to pursue all that? I can relate to that-it is a huge thing to tour Overseas- do the travel-uproot yourself -it is a life changer- but I admire anyone who can make the transistion- but in the meantime Bony Mountain Radio are proud to promote and support all . Please send your latest releases to our Programmer- Phil- Bony Mountain Music -30 Duff RD. Bony Mountain Qld 4370 -  email - Phil's phone- 0492 863 964 PICTURED (right) DUBBO TURNER- BUSH POET/LOCAL CHARACTER! playing Dubbos poetry- on my Program! 



    A VERY TALENTED AUSSIE DOIN' IT IN THE USA! New release coming soon-Eight Ball is doin' us proud in the USA- working-recording in Nashville! We will feature his music as it comes in


    A DELIGHTFUL AUSSIE CELTIC BAND- with a collection of classics & some great original touches- this bunch look like a real fun group & look forward to bringing them to Bony Mountain!


    FROM THE FAR WEST-WA- A great bunch of blokes making some great music-love this album- LongWay From Home -love to bring them to The Mountain sometime!


    New album coming -looking forward to hearing it! Sharon is a delightful artist-and a very dedicated Aussie artist- doing a lot of touring-


    One of our founding Presenters- and a great Presenter- ex President of RainbowFM- Warwick- now living in Killarney- puts on a great show- of Hits-Easy listening- through the week- plus Sat-


    Norma's very first album- all remixed/remastered-and it stands up so well- considering it was recorded back in 1982- remix-to digital in 2003- Norma is very proud of this collection. And some of these tracks will be included on -RODEO COLLECTION- coming soon.


    Norma is excited to merge the Festival & the Radio. A live streaming 24 hr Radio- created to go hand in hand with the Festival & as a promotional tool . Supporting our artists- and artists who do not get main stream support. featuring mainly Aussie music- but celebrating all good Country music.
    Monday & Thursday mornings 8AM.


    Gary is a Master at presenting our wonderful Festival program -but also a Master poet- you will hear him on Bony Mountain Radio.


    Donnie is a local icon here in Warwick area- President of local Community Radio for over 20 years. A dedicated lover of Country music & much loved Presenter. Does several shows- Weds -Sunday morning- also 6pm -days vary! Tuesday- 6PM -


    Our President & Programmer- both Phil & John are the ones who got all this started- a lot of work getting the links-up & running. Phil loves the easy Listening bracket & weekdays from 2pm- tune in


    From an iconic CM Family-the Daughter of Reg Lindsay & Heather McKean- Dianne & Peter present a real down to earth Bush Ballad show! A dedicated pair & very entertaining! Tune in WEDS 9AM - Fridays 9AM.


    Manfred is our Photographer- our Poet- and contributes a lot of our Promos- for the Festival!
    We anticipate (travels with Manny) will go to air soon.


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Cheers Norma     (updated May 27) 


    Norma one of our Presenters-Norma'shows- Monday & Thursday from 8AM. A mix of Celtic/Country-


    Congratulations to Stringloaded- winners -of Australian Celtic Artist of the year for 2020. Often featured on Bony Mountain Radio.


    Has a new Country/Comedy album out- we will be featuring it this coming month- Doesn't get much more Aussie than Errol!


We finally have our (link) our live streaming Radio- Bony Mountain Radio-Go to top of this page & follow the (link).  our own Radio station supporting our Bony Mountain Folk Festival & all Aussie artists. The old classics- the exciting new music ! so much talent out there that never gets airplay- never gets heard. You will hear it on Bony Mountain Radio- we are planning a Gospel Show every Sunday. Saturday night Country- from 6pm until midnite- featuring the best of the best . This will include American classics- like Willie-Johnny Cash- Merle Haggard- Our Legends show- every Friday night- with Australian /American/all Country music Legends.Even a Jazz program once we get up & running- a Blues Program- ? Folk/Blues/Bluegrass/Gospel/Country/Celtic/ and the movie classics!  All Programs will be locked over next 2 weeks- And we are coming to you live from Bony Mountain- you will be able to tune in from anywhere -and join us !  Luv Norma XXX   Go to the link at top of this page! 


Norma is a bushy- a Horsewoman-A singer- Songwriter- and our Hostess at the Festival.

Our Ukulele Shack- or hopefully a close copy?

Peter Dawson-Bush Balladeer-

Bush Balladeer- a fine entertainer.

Gary Fogarty -MC

Gary is our MC every year- Bush Poet- keeps our weekend rolling!

Warwick Pipe Thistle BAnd

Feature every year at Bony Mountain- nothing like Bagpipes in the bush!


    Bony Mountain Festival is held on Norma's property on the Darling Downs Qld. A real taste of the bush- and a perfect way to spend a great week of Fun-music-Campfires & good mates!


    Cindy is President of Norma's (Friends of) Club) based in Werris Creek-- they have supported Norma for many years & continue to do so.

  • Norma & Phil

    Phil & Norma have been a great team- mates for over 30 years- Phil has supported Norma's career-been Soundman- Manager- Road crew ! now Program Manager & presenter on Bony Mountain Radio.


29.04.2020 12:31

John Dowling County Carlow- Ireland

Love listening of a Monday-all the way from Ireland- great Radio Station! well done John

29.08.2019 04:25

Norma O'Hara Murphy

Thanks to all of our Presenters- but Donnie & John- do a fantastic job- coming through with their (live) shows from Glen Innes1 welcome all

06.03.2019 22:48

Roger & Alice Prentice SA

Tuning in -sounds great! Roger and Alice

02.03.2019 10:59

Anne McIntosh

Disappointed to have missed last two Bony Mountain Festival' hoping to be there this year!

05.03.2019 00:32

Norma O''Hara Murphy

look forward to you coming this year Anne- I've sent you more info! Luv Norma xxx

26.02.2019 21:01

Jenny easey

Please keep me updated on your event. I would love to come. Directions?

05.03.2019 00:34

Norma O''Hara Murphy

Hi Jenny- no worries sent you an email! luv Norma xxx

26.02.2019 02:14

Laurie Bransom

What are the dates and the cost cant find on your web site. we will be in a caravan Thank you Laurie

05.03.2019 00:35

Norma O''Hara Murphy

Hi Laurie-sent you all the info- see you in September! Luv Norma xxx

13.02.2019 23:22

George and Kaye Stone Echuca

love your festival-see you in september Love George and Kaye Echuca

06.02.2019 02:55

John Bretz

What is the cost to stay for the whole week,and are there showers available or only toilets,and how far away is top up water for the van

21.01.2019 23:42

Norma O'Hara Murphy

Dudley returns this year with his amazing (Slim Dusty) mobile exhibition! so thrilled because it is so appropriate here at Bony Mountain !

20.02.2019 22:55


Same cost for all Campers- no Camping or extra charges. $120 pp- Showers available at Sandy Creek Pub- 10 mns away. $5 per shower. Toilets onsite- water for vans- onsite- Dump Point this year!

12.01.2019 04:11

Joseph Matovu

To The Festival Team,

Hope you having a good start to the new year. My name is Joseph the African Drummer. I request to come and perform at your festival. I do interactive African drumming , singin

02.12.2018 00:24

Helen and Grant Simons SA

Congrats Norma and team best Festival ever! see you in 2019 Love Helen and Grant

02.12.2018 00:43

Norma O''Hara Murphy

many thanks for all your lovely feedback! hope to catch some of you in Tamworth-my final shows! Luv Norma xxx

11.11.2018 11:45

Lucy and Sam Fleming

Fabulous festival. this has only been our second, due to family situations and illness. We will never miss another one.

02.12.2018 00:45

Norma O''Hara Murphy

Thanks so much for your comments-most appreciated! see you next year! Luv Norma & team xxx

05.11.2018 00:36

June Bellenger

Very enjoyable Feasival Norma thank you

02.12.2018 00:47


Thanks June- love having you all here! Happy Xmas to you & yours Luv XX

03.11.2018 22:43

John Bretz

Could you please tell me the dates (proposed or locked in) for the 2019 Festival.Heard about it last night and cant believe that we have never been.

27.10.2018 01:20

Warren and Lorraine Moodie

Excellent Music Muster. One of the best for sure and we do 10 a year.

27.10.2018 01:25

Warren and Lorraine Moodie

Also the best food we’ve ever had at a Muster

08.10.2018 11:01

kay hinds

Just a pointer Many of the patrons travel from one venue to the next and it is disappointing to have the singers sing the same song both days at show then again at next venue same song repeated

08.10.2018 23:03

Norma O''Hara Murphy

Hi Kay- that is a choice the artists make- but duly noted- I personally never repeat my songs-only if requested! Norma

08.10.2018 10:58

kay Hinds

If you had reasonably priced accommodation we would stay on site. Disappointed the camp oven cooking couldn't go ahead as that type of meal suits me WE travelled from Bundaberg Your whole show was ve

08.10.2018 23:04


Unfortunately- fire restrictions & very dry conditions -did limit our outdoor cooking! beyond our control

08.10.2018 10:53

kay Hinds

hi Just answering your questionair. Congratulations on a wonderful festival My friend and I heard about you by the Coads at the Bundy Muster We enjoyed the whole show and wasn't sure about the Hill

08.10.2018 23:08


Thank you for attending- have had wonderful feedback! but then we get that every year! we try to create something special & unique here! some big surprises next year! Luv Norma XXX

05.09.2018 02:25

Mary Gilshenan

Do early bird prices still apply or what is cost for 13 -16th including camping please?

02.09.2018 06:06

Gaye thomas

Have just seen you on facebook and would love to come, please advise if still camping space and what facilities ( toilet showers) and any power. Kind thanks Gaye

03.09.2018 11:12

Norma O'Hara Murphy

Hi Gaye- plenty of space! book on Web Site or pay at gate! email-

03.07.2018 01:49


Hi there,
Our band beatnik empire is looking for venues to play at and are wishing to express interest to play at your festival. If it’s a possibility I can send links. Thank you for your time.

21.06.2018 04:28


Hi this sounds like great fun do you hold workshops there also we teach silver ring workshops 😀

29.06.2018 04:35


That'll be great thanks norma

28.06.2018 04:34

Norma O'Hara Murphy

Hi Kylie-yes if you wish! I will send you an email! Norma xx

28.06.2018 03:31


Are there applications to hold workshops?

27.06.2018 06:55

Norma O'Hara Murphy

We have lots of stuff here-not sure about that- but come & see for yourself! Luv Norma xxx

15.06.2018 21:47

todd kimmorley

we would love to attend your event please as a stall holder we have attended many folk festivals

27.06.2018 06:53

Norma O'Hara Murphy

Welcome Todd- looking forward to your Lolly Shop! Luv Norma XXX

12.06.2018 04:45

brett allan

directions please....would love to go!!

27.06.2018 06:52

Norma O'Hara Murphy

Hi Brett- go to our (how to find us) page-with GPS coordinates etc- hope you make it! Cheers Norma xxx

14.05.2018 13:00

Hook family Hastings

Wow! can't wait have been a Slim fan all my life-Graeme Hook Victoria

06.04.2018 02:59

Jill and co from Ipswich

we'll be there! love your music Jill and co

07.03.2018 11:27

Gar Mac Leman

Never see the musicians application stuff on the site. Shame, I like the are and pass through there often enough on my way to other festivals etc

08.03.2018 01:44


Hi Gary- I should set up an application page I guess- I get a bit swamped as it is! but love to have you here sometime! cheers Norma

07.03.2018 10:09


Please send me any follow up information. Would love to be there 2018.

08.03.2018 02:22

Gar Mac Leman

Thanks Norma, hopefully see you there at some stage eh. All the best...

08.03.2018 01:45


Hi Sylvie-have sent you a flyer and email Luv Norma xx

28.02.2018 03:18

Cesar Augusto Cortona

I have a food stall that sells Hawaiian Poke and I’m intersted to be part of you festival.
Check us out @mahalopokebowls on instagram

08.03.2018 01:47


Hi Cesar- sounds yummy- what is hawaiian poke? cheers XX

25.02.2018 07:54

Cheryl Anderson

When can we book a campsite for his wonderful festival in 2018?

25.02.2018 08:24


Hi Cheryl- bookings are open now-go to Bony Mountain Shop on web site-I'll send you a flyer! Luv Norma xx

24.02.2018 17:10

Cesar Augusto Cortona

How do I apply to have a food stall at your festival

25.02.2018 08:27


Hi Cesar- send an email -to address below Norma

19.02.2018 01:02

Gar Mac Leman

How does apply to play at your fantastic looking festival?

25.02.2018 08:26


Send me your details via email- -but we have all our 2018 artists Cheers Norma

06.02.2018 22:33

Tom Wates Brisbane Qld

Shane coming ,wow big fan! Tom wates Brisbane

06.02.2018 01:04


Was just wondering when artists applications open and close and where I could find an application form.
Many Thanks,

21.12.2017 06:48


My band SugaTree would love to play at your festival in 2018.
Please go to to hear and see our music.

21.12.2017 06:45


Hi there

07.12.2017 08:27

Carolyn McSweeny

forgot Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Norma and team

07.12.2017 08:25

Carolyn McSweeny

Bony Mountain Festival and the lovely Norma are just the best - we will be there in 2018 xx

14.11.2017 04:42

Joseph and Rose kitch SA

happy xmas to the festival team and much love Joseph and Rose

06.10.2017 23:18

Graeme and Jean Stuart (nomads)

another triumph for you all we loved it all see you next year love Graeme and Jean

14.09.2017 02:47


What time do the gates open for day visits?
Is there a program for Friday

14.09.2017 04:13


Our gates open 9am- every day. Program going up now - Cheers Norma

08.09.2017 07:12


Hi Paula- yes at the gate! you all get a free program- any urgent details- call me on- 07-46674604. running late as always- last minute things! Luv Norma XX

02.09.2017 08:27

Pam dooner

Is there a fire ban on

02.09.2017 21:20


Hi Pam, there could be restrictions around the camps ! but our main fire drums are covered, it is dry everywhere at present! Luv Norma xxx

23.08.2017 11:36

joe & Ingrid Mevissen

had a great time last year and will be back again this year. thank you for putting on such a fantastic concert.

23.08.2017 07:44


Hi Paula- our Toilets are serviced daily-& he collects the cartridges! all good Luv Norma xx

18.08.2017 08:35

Col & Therese Phipps

Hi Norma,
We have just paid into your account for the 14 -15 - 16 & 17 Aug. We have a 23ft Van, looking forward to seeing you there


11.08.2017 22:11

Debbie Bird

Hi Norma,
Just wondering if you could send me an actual program for the weekend please. We may not be able to attend everyday, so would like to choose!

Regards Deb.

08.08.2017 05:27

Lynne Sheppard will find Penny and Roger. I am pretty sure their headquarters are in Stanthorpe.

08.08.2017 04:41

Lynne Sheppard

We are booked to camp at the festival and am curious is there Optus mobile reception in your area? Also, have you thought of inviting Penny Davies and Roger Ilott to perform? They are sort of locals.

08.08.2017 05:15


Yes I have- but I need to find them? I agree they are great, yes top reception here for both internet & phones! Luv Norma XX

20.07.2017 01:11

Wayne and Julie Kerr

Probably written somewhere but can't find it, does the camping ground areas have toilets/showers or do you have to be 100% self sufficient?

21.07.2017 00:51


We have plenty of porta loos- hot showers next door! have sent you an email! Luv Norma XX

09.07.2017 06:16

Sheryl Callender

Where do I book

09.07.2017 09:48


our contact number- 07-46674 604- or book by email-

28.06.2017 18:07

Joan & Neville Sims

when does busking start Joan

09.07.2017 09:50


Busking begins on weekend -15th Sept, goes all weekend. winners announced Sunday after lunch! Norma XX

01.06.2017 00:21

Lukas Kulda

Hello, we have a great stall and we would love to be involved. Is there an application? or whats the best way to introduce our products to you?
Thank you for your time.

21.05.2017 05:26

Michelle Roberts

what dates this year please Michelle Roberts

21.05.2017 06:29


Dates are same as always - 15-16-17 Sept, gates open on Sept 11th for a week of Walk UPs, camping, campfires! Luv Norma xx

27.04.2017 00:49

Janet and Clifford Parsons

see you in september janet and clifford

12.04.2017 23:08



09.04.2017 00:16


Big shout out to all flood victims! we hope you are all recovering! Luv Norma

31.03.2017 06:17



31.03.2017 05:52


When, can't find a date. Do I have to Google this.

31.03.2017 06:20

Norma O'Hara Murphy

Hi Jo -dates are as follows- September -15-16-17 - gates open Sept 11th , I'll send you newsletter! thanks Norma XX

28.03.2017 11:54

Jenny Evans

Looks great and I hope to get there in 2017

13.03.2017 00:25

Lois Gilbey

Hello, Newbie here. I take it there is no power to caravan sites. Do you have shower & toilets & how far would they be from a caravan. Are generators allowed. Lois

12.03.2017 00:59

Peter Ison

17.01.2017 07:06

sheila lorraine

Hi do you have an email address or contact number please

13.01.2017 22:49

Marilyn & John Booth SA

can't wait coming again Love Marilyn & John

05.12.2016 20:47

Jenny and Graham Keen Singleton

love the pipe bands dancers everyone really congrats on a top show! Jenny and Graham Keen

16.10.2016 04:15

Kerry and Greg Peterson

thanks for a fantastic week! great time-see ya next year! Love Kerry and Greg

13.09.2016 11:47

Debbie BIRD

Hi Norma,
We visit every year, just would like to see a program as we can't come for whole weekend. Please put one up on your website! or email me one,Deb.

02.02.2015 03:29

janet Heath

Could we have the date for festival 2015

11.01.2015 03:49


is there a talent section?

09.12.2014 06:36


Hello Everyone, I am hoping to get there to the Little Festival In The Bush. Can anyone please tell me how much the festival is to attend. Thanks

06.10.2014 13:48

Robyn Monaghan

Has any one got a photo of the Warwick Choral Society singing at the opening of the music festival? As we would like a copy to put on our Facebook page.

25.09.2014 00:08

John & Shirl Chase Ipswich

wow! our 1st time at bony mountain we'll be back, what a fabulous show! thank you John & Shirl Chase Ipswich

23.09.2014 09:48


G'day Norma,
We had a great time up at Bony Mountain. Very relaxed and great fun. So happy to have been a part of it. The crew were fantastic. The people too.

23.09.2014 03:06

Graham & Angie Summers Geelong

loved it all best yet ! congrats to you all Love Graham & Angie

22.09.2014 11:23

Bob Wilson

Hi Norma and Gang
Have just arrived home after a fantastic weekend of entertainment. My 1st time
Can't wait till next year.
Bob Wilson Nambour QLD

22.09.2014 06:20

Shirley Wilkinson

Wow! The performers were amazing...couldn't keep still. Thanks to Norma, all campers & the hard working volunteers 4 making this week so enjoyable. Loved it!

18.09.2014 13:01


Hi Norma
Wishing you and all the campers a wonderful and successful Festival 2014!
Camped among the gum trees, music all around waken to the parrots singing!

06.09.2014 00:37

Caroline & Graeme Stuart SA

coming weds on the road now looking forward to it Love Caroline and Graeme xx

26.07.2014 11:59

kaylene carkeet

hi norma this is polly I will be there this year and hope to bring a few others that work at the nurseing home hope you and phil are doing great

24.07.2014 06:50

Joyce & Graham Booth WA

Norma -we are on our way been up the gulf, love it -see you soon Love Joyce & Graham xx

18.07.2014 05:39

Janet & Tim Brooks Adelaide

we love Bony Mountain-best Festival we've been to Love Janet & Tim xxx

15.07.2014 01:00


interested in doing your show festivaletc thanks we have leather saddlery western wear gear and other types of stuff thanks michele ron foley 07 38022214 040042

21.05.2014 20:14

Gearge & Mary Cleal from Mt Gambier

Hi Norma ,congrats -just love the campfires! see you then LOL George & Mary

09.05.2014 11:41


looking forward to Festival Norma.

03.04.2014 18:54

Judy and Trevor Knight Perth

how about all this rain its just great we are coming again but on the road now we send our love to you all Cheers Judy and Trevor xxx

18.03.2014 23:42

Chris & Ken Sharp Gawler

very dry here too hope we all get rain,looking forward to coming again Love Chris & Ken xxx

03.03.2014 05:46

Janet & Gary Hayden Maryborough

love your birds,bit noisy though! we love the birds on your place, see you in Sept, Love Janet & Gary VIC xx

27.02.2014 04:49

Jean & Monty Graeme SA

Hi Norma and team, great photo's can't wait Love Jean & Monty xxx